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January 2018


Customer Appreciation at This Month's Second Saturday!

At this month's Second Saturday, we'll be hosting our annual Customer Appreciation Lunch with a YouTube Year in Review! There's no lack of aviation videos to be found on the Internet — everything from amazing aerobatic displays to the occasional skids, bumps, and gear-up landings. And while we often find ourselves amused and entertained by the skill (or folly) of others, there also is a lot to learn from what we find online. We've collected some of our favorite YouTube clips for discussion — drop by this month's seminar to see everything we've selected, along with a few tips that should improve your flying skills.
This month's Second Saturday gets underway on Jan. 13 at 1100 hours in the Education Hangar at Willamette Aviation. The event is certified for FAA Wings credit and there is no charge. Best of all, lunch is on us. We'll serve as many as we can, but please call us (503-678-2252) before noon on Friday, Jan. 12, so that we know how many folks to expect. As always, thanks for being part of our aviation community!


Short Finals…

· It may seem cold and damp, but some of the year's best flying happens in the calm, clear days of winter. Flying doesn't end just because summer is months away, which is why we're busy year-round. Our monthly Pilots' Workshop is an excellent way to stay on top of flying subject matter, while also earning credit with the FAA Wings safety program. This month's Pilots' Workshop gets started at 1100 on Saturday, Jan. 27 in the Education Hangar at Willamette Aviation. The event is no charge and eligible for Wings credit. Drop by or sign up on the Wings website to save your seat!
· With the arrival of a new year, we're delighted to add another aircraft to our rental fleet! New for renting pilots in 2018 is N16263, a 1974 Cessna 172, which brings the total Skyhawks in our fleet to three. Our latest 172 boasts a 160-hp engine, and the panel includes a Garmin 430W, DME, and ADF. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to get a Skyhawk checkout. Even better, if you've already been checked out in one of our other two Skyhawks, you can book the airplane on MyFBO right away.
· Finally, it's a good time to remind folks that the Aurora State Airport has Noise Abatement Procedures in place. The calm-wind runway is 35 in winds that are considered "calm" — defined as less than, but not including, five (5) knots. In general, pilots can expect runway 35 for departure in these conditions. When departing to the north, pilots should avoid overflying the community of Charbonneau, turning to the left or right on the departure leg. When departing to the south and east, pilots should avoid overflying the towns of Aurora and Barlow. Pilots also should avoid overflying these areas on arrival, using 45-deg. intercepts to downwind legs, or any pattern entry assigned by the tower. For more information, please visit the Aurora State Airport page on our website.


Look for more from Willamette Aviation in the next newsletter. Until then, fly smart and safe!

David F. Waggoner
Willamette Aviation
(503) 678-2252



Jan. 6: 1100: 'Women in Aviation' Open House (Willamette Aviation Flight Lab)

Jan. 13: 1100: Second Saturday Seminar: Year in Review (Willamette Aviation)

Jan. 20: FAA medical exams (Jim Tarro M.D.) (Willamette Aviation)

Jan. 20: Monthly meeting, International Aerobatic Club, Oregon Chapter (Willamette Aviation)

Jan. 27: Pilots' Workshop (Willamette Aviation)


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