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February 2018


Aurora Tower Briefing at This Month's Second Saturday!

Please join us at this month's Second Saturday Seminar as we welcome Aurora Tower Chief Raul Suarez to our Willamette Aviation stage. Chief Suarez is a veteran air traffic controller who relocated from California in 2015 to oversee the opening of the tower at KUAO. Over the past 30 months, the tower has required a shift in how pilots operate at our regional airport — it also means that controllers and pilots should meet face-to-face whenever possible, in order to highlight operational issues and clarify expectations. This month, we'll discuss Aurora's Class D airspace and how the airport community can continue working on behalf of safe airport operations. Please bring your questions to this month's event!
This month's Second Saturday gets underway on Feb. 10 at 1100 in the Education Hangar at Willamette Aviation. The event is certified for FAA Wings credit and there is no charge — drop by or sign up on the Wings website to save your spot. We'll see you there!


Short Finals…

· Have you integrated tablet devices and software into your cockpit routine? Or are you planning to, but not sure where to start? At this month's Pilots' Workshop, Willamette Aviation CFII Stan Swan will provide an overview of tablet technology, with a look at the latest tablet apps. Thanks to the explosion of tablets over the past several years, pilots are logging more hours with digital co-pilots that can manage everything from sectionals and approach plates to flight planning and smart checklists. However, you always need to know the fine line between resource and risk when you fly with a device on board. This month's Pilots' Workshop gets started at 1100 on Saturday, Feb. 24 in the Education Hangar at Willamette Aviation. The event is no charge and eligible for Wings credit. Drop by or sign up on the Wings website to save your seat!
· IFR pilots in our region will want to be aware that the FAA has requested to decommission the Kelso NDB, with an opportunity to comment from interested parties. The NDB is slated for removal due to what is described as "problems with the site's access and maintenance." If the NDB is removed, the Kelso NDB-A approach will be cancelled, while a new VOR approach will be created and an RNAV approach will be amended. Pilots who intend to comment are invited to contact the Group Manager, Operations Support Group, at the FAA Western Service Center in Renton, Wash.
· Finally, the Air Safety Institute's Weather Wise: Precipitation and Icing online course offers a look at common hazards associated with cold-weather flight. It's easy to underestimate the risks, and too many pilots become accident statistics as a result. It's essential subject-matter for IFR pilots, but all pilots will want to know why precip and ice are serious business. The AOPA course is free of charge, eligible for Wings credit and AOPA Accident Forgiveness, and should take about 30 minutes to complete. Click here to get started.


Look for more from Willamette Aviation in the next newsletter. Until then, fly smart and safe!

David F. Waggoner
Willamette Aviation
(503) 678-2252



Feb. 3: 1100: 'Women in Aviation' Open House (Willamette Aviation Flight Lab)

Feb. 10: 1100: Second Saturday Seminar: KUAO Tower Briefing (Tower Chief Raul Suarez) (Willamette Aviation)

Feb. 17: FAA medical exams (Jim Tarro M.D.) (Willamette Aviation)

Feb. 17: Monthly meeting, International Aerobatic Club, Oregon Chapter (Willamette Aviation)

Feb. 24: 1100: Pilots' Workshop: Tablet Technology (CFII Stan Swan) (Willamette Aviation)

Feb. 24-25: NW Aviation Conference (Puyallup)


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