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June 2018


We'll Talk Flight Reviews at This Month's Safety Briefing!

Do you need to complete a Flight Review during 2018? The FAA requires all active pilots to complete a Flight Review every 24 calendar months, which requires time spent on the ground and in the air. At this month's Summer Safety Briefing, we'll present a guide to the Flight Review, with a look at what you should expect if you haven't flown for a while, as well as how you can stay ahead of the curve with the FAA's Wings pilot safety program. We'll also look at some changes that the FAA recently introduced, and how they can affect you.
The briefing gets underway on Saturday, June 9 at 1100 hrs in the Education Hangar, followed by a Community Potluck BBQ — we'll start frying up the burgers and dogs at 12 noon. Drop by to get a look at the planes on our ramp, and please bring chips, a dish, or a dessert to share if you can.


Short Finals…

· The arrival of summer means the beginning of our regional Airshow Season. The Olympic Airshow at the Olympia Regional Airport and Flight Museum will take flight on June 16-17. Closer to home, the Cottage Grove Wings & Wheels will welcome visitors on June 23. Both events are ideal opportunities to rent aircraft from Willamette Aviation — just be sure to check for Temporary Flight Restrictions if you are planning to fly to Olympia on an airshow day. Watch our upcoming newsletters for even more events on the summer airshow schedule!
· No matter how often you plan to fly this summer, you can expect plenty of traffic at Aurora State and other popular airports across our region. The AOPA's "Say It Right: Mastering Radio Communication" interactive online course looks at why radio work is one of a pilot's core skills, as well as a cornerstone of safe flying. The course covers both VFR and IFR operations, and it's an excellent refresher before summer flying. It's totally free, optimized for tablets, and eligible for Wings credit. Click here to get started!


Look for more from Willamette Aviation in the next newsletter. Until then, fly smart and safe!

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Willamette Aviation
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June 2: 1100: 'Women in Aviation' Open House (Willamette Aviation Flight Lab)

June 9: 1100: Summer Safety Briefing: Flight Reviews (Willamette Aviation)

June 9: 1200: Community Potluck BBQ (Willamette Aviation)

June 16: FAA medical exams (Jim Tarro M.D.) (Willamette Aviation)

June 16: Monthly meeting, International Aerobatic Club, Oregon Chapter (Willamette Aviation)

June 16-17: Olympic Airshow (Olympia Regional)

June 23: Cottage Grove Wings & Wheels (61S)


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