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August 2018


Runway Safety Meeting at This Month's Second Saturday!

We're delighted to welcome Aurora Tower Chief Raul Suarez to this month's Summer Safety Briefing, where he will lead the annual meeting of the Local Runway Safety Action Team (LSRAT). The team ensures that all resident pilots and airport stakeholders maintain a strong focus on runway safety. The team also facilitates implementation of recommendations and best practices. Everyone is invited, so please join the conversation as we discuss airport practices, risk-prevention measures, and new recommendations.
This month's safety briefing gets underway on Saturday, Aug. 11 at 1100 hrs in the Education Hangar at Willamette Aviation, and it's eligible for FAA Wings credit. We'll also host a Community Potluck BBQ at 12 noon, with plenty of burgers and dogs for everyone. Drop by to get a look at the airplanes on our ramp, and please bring chips, a dish, or a dessert to share if you can.


Short Finals…

· Pilots and flying friends willing to make the short hop to Albany Municipal can attend this year's Oregon Pilots Association Convention on Aug. 25. Presenters at this year's event include USAF Gen. Merrill McPeak (Ret.), NTSB accident investigator Zoë Keliher, and American Airlines Capt. Gary Miranda (Ret.). The day begins at 0900 with an AOPA Rusty Pilots Seminar, followed by speakers in the afternoon. The event is free and open to everyone. For more information, visit the Oregon Pilots Association website.
· August is the busiest month of the year for regional airshows and events, all within flying distance. The B-17 Alliance Foundation's Fly-In Fundraiser will take place at McNary Field in Salem on Aug. 3-4. Also underway that weekend will be the annual Jim Wright Memorial Stearman Fly-In at Cottage Grove State (Aug. 3-5). Plan for some busy airspace when you drop by the Independence Fly-In & Vans Homecoming at Independence State (Aug. 17-19). The Airshow of the Cascades will turn up the heat at Madras Municipal on Aug. 24-25. And the Northwest Art & Air Festival returns to Albany Municipal on Aug. 24-26. Take your own airplane, or rent one from us, and watch our upcoming newsletters for even more events on the summer airshow schedule!


Look for more from Willamette Aviation in the next newsletter. Until then, fly smart and safe!

David F. Waggoner
Willamette Aviation
(503) 678-2252



Aug. 3-4: B-17 Alliance Foundation Fly-In Fundraiser (McNary Field)

Aug. 3-5: Stearman Fly-In (Cottage Grove State)

Aug. 11: 1100: Summer Safety Briefing: Runway Safety (Tower Chief Raul Suarez) (Willamette Aviation)

Aug. 11: 1200: Community Potluck BBQ (Willamette Aviation)

Aug. 17-19: Independence Fly-In & Vans Homecoming (Independence State)

Aug. 18: FAA medical exams (Jim Tarro M.D.) (Willamette Aviation)

Aug. 18: Monthly meeting, International Aerobatic Club, Oregon Chapter (Willamette Aviation)

Aug. 24-25: Airshow of the Cascades (Madras Municipal)

Aug. 24-26: Northwest Art & Air Festival (Albany Municipal)

Aug. 25: Oregon Pilots Association Convention (Albany Municipal)


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