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November 2020


Review Winter Weather Flying at This Month's Seminar!

Flying in the Pacific Northwest during wintertime is beautiful, but it can bring its own set of challenges to the unprepared pilot. At this month's Second Saturday Seminar, join Willamette Aviation CFI Hannah Neill to get ready for winter flying. With the winter months approaching, Hannah will discuss Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI), aircraft systems, engine preheating, winter weather, and other tips to ensure safe flights as the temperatures drop.
This month's Second Saturday gets underway on Nov. 14 at 1300 in the Education Hangar at Willamette Aviation, and it's eligible for FAA Wings credit. Seating is limited to 25 people, so please contact our dispatch desk to reserve your spot. All attendees will be required to wear masks. We'll see you there!



FAA Aviation Charts To Be Published Every 56 Days

Starting next year, all FAA aviation charts will be published on a 56-day cycle, improving upon the current publication rate, which ranges from 168 days to as long as two years for some products. Pacific Northwest pilots who use paper charts typically plan to purchase a new Seattle Sectional twice a year, along with other sectionals and Terminal Area Charts (TACs) as necessary. However, the Chart Supplement (formerly Airport/Facility Directory) has been published on a 56-day cycle for some time, with changes to current sectionals noted in Chart Bulletins. Changes to charts also require multiple chart-related NOTAMs.
With the new publishing cycle, which begins on Feb. 25, 2021, pilots can plan to refresh their required paper charts every eight weeks. We can expect a substantial reduction in chart-related NOTAMs, and the Chart Bulletin section in the Chart Supplement will no longer be required. The AOPA estimates that close to 90 percent of pilots are using electronic charts rather than paper. All pilots, whether they use digital or paper charts, can expect more up-to-date information without the need to consult additional sources. As always, please feel free to drop by our Pilot Shop for all of your aviation needs, including FAA charts. Please see this article on the AOPA website for more information.


Short Finals…

· While 2020 has seen a significant decline in the airline industry, we are starting to see trends develop in a positive direction. Our partners at Alaska Airlines and Horizon Airlines are looking to the future and starting to re-energize their pilot hiring programs. Career-minded pilots often start their training at a general aviation flight school, and Willamette Aviation offers training programs from Private Pilot through Commercial Pilot and CFI. If you are thinking about getting your professional career started — or returning to a career path — please feel free to set up a time to drop by Willamette Aviation. We're happy to provide insights on the current job market and help set your course for success.
· Night operations are well underway here at Willamette Aviation. Clear days in fall and winter make for the best flying, and with the days getting even shorter during November and December, it's an excellent time to build some night experience with a CFI. Pilots log "night" hours based on operations between evening and morning civil twilight (FAR 1.1), but remember — in order to carry passengers you must meet the requirements of "passenger night" — three full-stop takeoffs and landings between one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise, within the previous 90 days, or passengers are prohibited from flying with you during this same definition of night (FAR 61.57b). And don't forget a third "night rule" — position lights must be on between sunset and sunrise. Ready for a brush-up? Let us know if you'd like to get on the night schedule.


Look for more from Willamette Aviation in the next newsletter. Until then, fly smart and safe!

David F. Waggoner
Willamette Aviation
(503) 678-2252



Nov. 14: 1300: Second Saturday Seminar: Winter Weather Flying (CFI Hannah Neill) (Willamette Aviation)

Nov. 19: FAA medical exams (Janice Buenafe M.D.) (Willamette Aviation)

Nov. 21: FAA medical exams (Janice Buenafe M.D.) (Willamette Aviation)

Nov. 26: Thanksgiving: Office closed


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