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December 2020


Be Prepared For an 'ATC Zero' Event As Cases Rise

It's not just for the airlines — general aviation pilots also rely upon Air Traffic Control services, both at towered fields and regional centers. And if an ATC facility goes offline with little or no advance warning, it can present unexpected challenges and delays. As COVID cases increase during the winter months, the AOPA is encouraging general aviation pilots to be aware of the potential for an "ATC Zero" event. New York, Indianapolis, and Las Vegas were affected earlier this year due to positive coronavirus tests. ATC Zero also can be caused by equipment failures, extreme weather, and on-site emergencies.

While complete ATC outages are uncommon (there were around 400 nationwide in 2019), "ATC Limited" and "ATC Alert" scenarios also can occur, such as when a facility takes on additional duties to cover a service outage at another location. As always, pilots are advised to check NOTAMs before every flight. A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) also may be established if an ATC Zero event occurs. If there are any facility or airspace issues, a briefing from Flight Service will point them out. If ATC is limited, you should not expect flight following or practice approaches. Your good decisions, and thorough flight planning, are essential to the safe conclusion of every flight.

For more information on ATC Zero events — and the impact they can have on both VFR and IFR flights — please visit this page on the AOPA website.


Short Finals…

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Look for more from Willamette Aviation in the next newsletter. Until then, fly smart and safe!

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