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July 2023


Review IFR Cross Country and Icing at This Month's Safety Briefing!

We've enjoyed perfect spring weather over the past couple of months, but it will change when the summer flying season ends. At this month's Summer Safety Briefing, Willamette Aviation CFI Luis Lemus will offer an in-depth review of IFR Cross Country and Aircraft Icing and how instrument-rated pilots should mitigate risks. Luis will discuss IFR cross-country planning with a look at one of his own flights. He'll also offer a look at different kinds of ice and review anti-ice systems, avoidance tactics, and the corrective actions you need to know.
This month's Safety Briefing gets underway on Saturday, July 22 at 1100 hrs in the Education Hangar at Willamette Aviation, and it's eligible for FAA Wings credit. We'll also host a Community Potluck BBQ at 12 noon, with plenty of burgers and dogs for everyone. Drop by to get a look at the airplanes on our ramp, and please bring chips, a dish, or a dessert to share if you can.


Angel Flight Annual Conference at Willamette Aviation July 8!

We are delighted to host this year's annual Angel Flight Conference, which will take place on July 8. Angel Flight is a network of volunteer pilots who provide free medical transportation to people in need. Over the past four decades, the organization has provided more than 90,000 flights, offering their passengers safe transit to and from medical care. Angel Flight also provides transportation for other humanitarian purposes, such as individuals and families escaping domestic violence, disaster relief, therapeutic programs for veterans, and children's specialty camps.
If you are interested in supporting Angel Flight, or simply would like more information, you are invited to attend a learning session on July 8 at 1000 hours in the Education Hangar at Willamette Aviation. We look forward to seeing you there!


Look for more from Willamette Aviation in the next newsletter. Until then, fly smart and safe!

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Willamette Aviation
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July 8: 1000: Angel Flight Annual Conference (Willamette Aviation)

July 20: FAA medical exams (Janice Buenafe M.D.) (Willamette Aviation)

July 22: FAA medical exams (Janice Buenafe M.D.) (Willamette Aviation)

July 22: 1100: Summer Safety Briefing: IFR Cross Country and Icing (CFI Luis Lemus) (Willamette Aviation)

July 22: 1200: Community Potluck BBQ (Willamette Aviation)


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