Aurora State Airport, Aurora Oregon
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Aircraft Fuel

Need some gas? If you're flying an airplane you probably do all the time. And if you're passing through Oregon's northern Willamette Valley for any reason, you're in luck — Willamette Aviation maintains one of the few 24-hour self-serve aircraft fueling islands in the state, providing high-quality 100LL. You can fuel and get back in the air with a minimum of fuss on your time schedule. Just fly into Aurora State Airport (UAO), head to the north end of the field (Runway 17) and turn right. Our Willamette Aviation sign at the north end of the taxiway make us pretty easy to find. You can use any major credit card — day or night, we have what you need to continue on your journey. We also carry Aero-Shell oil and other supplies you need in the Pilot Shop.

Questions? Call us at (503) 678-2252, or e-mail info@willametteair.com. We're here to help.