Aurora State Airport, Aurora Oregon
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Flight Instructors

They are a rare breed of men and women — FAA Certified Flight Instructors. And have no doubt, these are hardy souls who willingly allow novice pilots to fly them around day after day, in good weather and bad, enduring everything from awkward skids to back-of-the-curve approaches until their charges are seasoned enough to pass the requisite flight tests. At Willamette Aviation, our CFIs are among the best around, high-hour pilots who love teaching the art of the airplane. Come take an introductory flight to find out how challenging — and fun — flying can be.

A native Californian who has lived in Oregon for nearly 20 years, Willamette Aviation Chief Flight Instructor Steve Thornton loves to teach because it allows him to share his love of flying with other pilots, be they first-time students or multi-rated aviators. Steve also says that teaching flying allows him to pursue every pilot's first goal — to always be better. Steve is an FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor with more than 2,400 hours in the right seat as a CFI, and he holds six FAA ratings. Besides flying, he enjoys skiing, back-packing, and scuba-diving.

Dick Oman began his flying career in the 1970s, earning his private pilot certificate at Scappoose. However, it would be some time later that he would pursue his professional credentials as a CFI. Dick joined our team in 2003, soon after which he transitioned from our office manager to full-time instructor. Dick's favorite destinations in the Pacific Northwest include the San Juan Islands, and he has taken extended getaways in Alaska, the Carribean, and Africa — always with the hope of finding a small plane for a tour by air.

Stan Swan is a native Oregonian who discovered a love of flying while in his teens, leading him to serve as a Civil Air Patrol cadet throughout high school and most of his university career. After a tour in the Army, he learned to fly on the GI Bill, earning his Commercial, Instrument and CFI ratings. Stan then transitioned to the business world, rising to management positions in several local manufacturing companies, and after a long hiatus he has returned to flight instruction, his first love. Stan owns a Piper Comanche 260, which has provided him with most of his aviation experience. He always looks forward to introducing many new pilots to the world of aviation, while helping old pros become better and safer at what they do.

Tim Sisk has an early memory of looking into the sky at a plane flying overhead and knowing that he wanted to do that someday as well. From a young age, aviation has played a primary role in his life. Whether flying sick folks to hospitals in Africa in a Cessna 206, making a pinnacle landing along the coastal mountains in a helicopter, or simply watching the crowds gather to take a closeup look at the DC-3 he just landed at a local airshow, Tim loves the wonder and imagination that aviation sparks in the hearts and minds of those it touches. Tim is also an A&P and avionics technician, and he strives to incorporate his multi-disciplinary knowledge into every flight he takes with his students.

John Banks began flying in the 1990s, and it's one of his many passions. A native midwesterner, he's lived several places, including Alaska, where's he's worked as a wilderness guide. John also is an experienced sailor, and he's likely one of the few people you'll ever meet who has crossed the Pacific Ocean solo. Now settled in Oregon, John enjoys sharing his expertise with others, be they new students or experienced pilots. "Flying might seem difficult at first," he says, "but I've found that most students have the right attitude and are ready to take on the challenge."

Chris Tiller began his flying career at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, where he earned his aviation degree in 2015. He soon found work as a CFI, as well as a program manager at a flight school and then an Assistant Chief Flight Instructor at a Part 141 operation. Chris currently is working with students and discovery pilots at Willamette Aviation, while building his hours and experience with plans to become a full-time airline pilot. He also has a passion for back-country flying and vintage aircraft, and he enjoys seeking out new aviation challenges and experiences.

Kaiser Siddiqui began his flying career in the United Kingdom, joining the RAF as a navigator and gaining valuable flight experience. Since then, he has earned certification as a pilot and instructor in the UK, Canada, and the United States. Kaiser currently is a full-time airline pilot, with his home base here in Pacific Northwest, and he enjoys teaching on his days off. He's also an avid soccer player and drummer.