Aurora State Airport, Aurora Oregon
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Aircraft Rental

Why do you need to rent an airplane? You may be an experienced pilot, but like many you don't own a plane — and, in fact, most certified pilots are not aircraft owners. Perhaps you are looking to earn additional ratings, such as Instrument, Commercial, or Multi-Engine. Or you may need a particular endorsement, such as High-Performance or Complex. If you're a beginning student (as we all were at one time), odds are you will be renting for the duration of your training and beyond. You want a reliable, safe airplane — and at a reasonable price.

We have a select, varied fleet of aircraft at Willamette Aviation — a collection of airplanes that offers everything from a twin-engine Piper to basic two-seat trainers. Call us at (503) 678-2252 if you have any questions. (Please note that all rates are "wet," i.e. with fuel and oil, and that we do not apply any "fuel surcharges" to your flying time.)

Click here to view a print-ready rate sheet (PDF).

Piper PA-23 Apache

Most pilots will want to fly the Piper Apache in order to earn a multi-engine rating, while others will simply enjoy gaining time and experience in a large, stable airplane. Our PA-23-160 Apache G is a carefully maintained 1960 edition with several improvements over the initial Apaches, including 160-hp powerplants, dorsal-fin stabilizers, and a one-piece, high-performance windscreen. The plane also features dual alternators and vacuum pumps, another improvement over early models, while our multi-engine training program is designed to enhance the safety that's built in to the plane's several upgrades.

Rate: $322 per hour

Cessna 177 Cardinal II RG

Seasoned pilots adore the sleek Cessna 177 Cardinal II RG, with its swept-back profile and cantilever wings. A sure bet to get you over the mountains or to the coast in a hurry, our Cardinal has a brand-new 210-horsepower Lycoming powerplant, constant-speed propeller, retractable gear, and IFR avionics. Ideal for certified pilots who need High Performance and Complex endorsements.

Rate: $218 per hour

Cessna 172 Skyhawk

The Cessna 172 is the most popular General Aviation airplane in history, and for good reason — with room for four, it's an accommodating aircraft that's great to fly with your friends, your family, or just your golf clubs. This also is an ideal airplane for pilots seeking an Instrument Rating, while student pilots who prefer a larger aircraft often put the 172 at the top of the list. Extras on our premium model include a Garmin 750 and an autopilot.

Rate: $182-192 per hour (six models available)

Aeronca 7EC Champ

Our 1950 Aeronca Champ marked the first year of the "7EC Traveler," which included a 90-hp engine. This Traveler has since been upgraded to 100-hp, giving it plenty of power to support the light airframe. The plane also has long-throw main gear with a Lower End Landing Gear Oleo Strut Assembly, which supports smother landings and better ground handling. Inside the tandem-seat cockpit, the Traveler boats thicker, upgraded seat cushions, as well as additional interior insulation for noise reduction, and an improved heater and electrical system. The center of gravity has been adjusted to improve airspeed. N4712E has a standard 12-gallon main fuel tank and two in-wing 5.5-gallon auxiliary tanks for longer flights.

Rate: $178 per hour

Diamond DA20-C1 Eclipse

The Diamond DA20 Eclipse always turns heads when it's on the ramp, thanks to its composite airframe, low profile, and smooth 180-degree canopy that offers unobstructed views. In fact, the cockpit feels more like a modern sportscar than the typical Cessna or Piper, but don't be fooled — the DA20 is a training aircraft that's perfect for VFR flying. Combining elements of gliders, taildraggers, and modern tri-gear planes, it features broad wings, a T-tail empennage, and a stick-and-rudder layout. If you've been flying Cessnas or Pipers, log some time in the DA20 and expect to fall in love with flying all over again.

Rate: $168 per hour

Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee

The Piper Cherokee has set the standard for all classic Pipers. However, our 1973 "Cruiser" edition is a bit unusual, because it doesn't have a back-seat, making it perfect for a weekend getaway with approx. 300 additional lbs. of useful load, while the upgraded 180 hp. Lycoming engine offers power to spare. Few General Aviation airplanes have earned as much loyalty over the years as the iconic Cherokee, which is suitable for Private Pilot training and a lifetime of flying thereafter. GPS on board. VFR only.

Rate: $168 per hour

Cessna 150

Cessna built thousands of their 150s from 1958 to 1975, making it (and its successor, the 152) one of the most common General Aviation training aircraft in existence. Sure, it's a tad snug in the cockpit, but the majority of student pilots earn their Private Pilot Certificates in this platform, which is renowned for its responsive handling and remarkable stability. The most affordable choice for beginning students, the Cessna 150 is a robust trainer you will fondly remember throughout your flying career. Also a cost-friendly choice for short hops with a friend. VFR only.

Rate: $119 per hour (2 models available)

Certified Flight Instructors are available for both flight and ground instruction at $63 per hour. Headsets rent for $30 per flight.