Aurora State Airport, Aurora Oregon
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Pilot Shop

New! Now you can order gift certificates online — the perfect birthday or holiday gift for a pilot you know! Click here to order a Discovery Flight, one-hour rental, or select your own gift amount. (Link will open new browser window or tab.)

As a pilot (or a student pilot), you need the standard supplies — everything from newly updated charts to government publications and logbooks, or even a sharp new headset. Of course, you can get these sorts of things from a variety of places, particularly from catalogs or over the Internet. But if you visit Willamette Aviation for fuel, aircraft rental, or flight training, you'll find that we have the important stuff right here.

And buying your pilot's supplies from our Pilot Shop instead of the Internet makes sense for a number of reasons. There's no shipping costs, and no waiting either. You don't have to worry about any ordering mistakes or inconvenient returns. We have a lot of the catalog stuff right here as well, from major suppliers such as ASA and Jeppesen. You can get a 5% rebate on your purchases if you use your AOPA credit card. And — perhaps most important of all — we do not collect personal information about you just because you need to buy something. Call us old-fashioned, but we respect your privacy, and we hope you will visit us often for your aviation needs.

Our Pilot Shop doesn't have any fancy odds and ends — we stock what you need to fly. When visiting, feel free to choose from:

  • Recently updated sectionals for the western U.S., the latest airport directories, the current FAR/AIM, and other mission-critical government publications;
  • A variety of logbooks (for both pilots and aircraft), flight planners, and kneeboards;
  • Pilot Operating Handbooks, which we stock for our fleet, while specific POHs can be ordered on request;
  • Plotters and other manual calculators for flight planning, as well as a Jeppesen electronic flight computer;
  • A select group of quality headsets, with either active-noise resistance (ANR) or the less-expensive passive noise-resistance (PNR), which is a good choice for student pilots;
  • Aviation oil and oil filters for your personal airplane;
  • Flight training materials for student pilots, including all of the essential manuals (from Jeppesen's excellent Guided Flight Discovery series), flight bags, and view-limiting devices such as Foggles for instrument students;
  • And those miscellaneous items that always come in handy, like flashlights, timers, and fuel testers.

We maintain our Pilot Shop for folks who appreciate the convenience of buying what they need without any hassle — be they professional pilots, aircraft owners, or flight-training students. At this time we do not offer Internet orders or shipping, but feel free to stock up on your aviation needs whenever you're in the area. All major credit cards are accepted.