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When you provide your aircraft for an annual inspection, you can expect that it will be opened as required by the manufacturer's guidelines. At Willamette Aviation Maintenance, we provide "Up-Front Pricing" for annuals — defined by the aircraft manufacturer maintenance directives and service manuals.

What You Can Expect

The base price for an annual inspections includes:

  • Opening inspection panels
  • Checking all lights
  • Remove, clean, and gap sparkplugs.
  • Reinstall spark plugs with new spark plug gaskets
  • Interior Removal
  • Conduct differential compression test on all cylinders
  • Change oil and oil filter, or inspect oil screen
  • Inspect air induction filter
  • Check tires for proper inflation
  • Inspect nose-strut inflation
  • Conduct Airworthiness Directives research
  • Review aircraft logbooks and sign off inspection


The following are several common General Aviation aircraft, with our flat-rate pricing for Annual Inspections:


We offer flat-rate pricing for Annual Inspections of several common General Aviation aircraft. Please call us or consult our desktop website for more information.

Cessna 150/15212 hrs$1,100
Cessna 17215 hrs$1,300
Cessna 17715 hrs$1,350
Cessna 177 RG18 hrs$1,520
Cessna 18218 hrs$1,520
Cessna 182 RG20 hrs$1,680
Diamond DA2012 hrs$1,200
Diamond DA4018 hrs$1,520
Piper Cherokee15 hrs$1,300
Piper Archer15 hrs$1,300
Piper Arrow17 hrs$1,460
Piper Saratoga (PA32)18 hrs$1,600
Piper Apache32 hrsinquire
Cessna 31035 hrsinquire
Piper Aztec35 hrsinquire

Compliance with ADs and additional repairs are charged on time and material.