Aurora State Airport, Aurora Oregon
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Redbird FMX
Redbird FMX

Redbird FMXWillamette Aviation is delighted to offer a Redbird FMX full-motion flight simulator to our customers, be they seasoned pros, new students, or even pilots who simply want to sharpen their skills on a rainy day.

The Redbird FMX features an electric-motion platform and six wrap-around screens to offer 180-degrees of realism in an accurate flight environment. The standard Cessna 172 six-pack and engine instruments are easy to read and interpret, thanks to clear, backlit digital gauges. Also included are two VOR receivers, a radio stack, and advanced avionics such as a Garmin GPS and autopilot. To increase the realism even more, the pilot and instructor can wear headsets and crank up the engine volume so that it's nearly as loud as the interior of a typical training aircraft. And various weather conditions can be introduced, such as limited visibility and turbulence.

The realism can be stepped down as well. Engine noise can be reduced or silenced, which means headsets aren't required. The three-axis motion can be disabled so that new students can familiarize themselves with the cockpit layout in a non-moving environment. And there's a "pause" button in easy reach for the student and instructor.

Redbird FMX

Who should fly the Redbird FMX?

Redbird FMXPrivate pilot students will find the Redbird FMX a valuable resource when flight lessons are canceled due to bad weather. This is especially important when students are developing primary skills and need consistent practice. Stalls, steep turns, traffic patterns, and cross-country flights can be done in the FMX, which allows students to return to their training aircraft with no loss of momentum when the weather improves.

Instrument-training pilots can train at lower cost in the FMX. As an FAA-approved Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD), pilots can log up to 20 hours of dual instruction in pursuit of the instrument rating. This is especially valuable for emergency training, where instructors can introduce unexpected weather and instrument failures to support realistic training scenarios.

Instrument-rated pilots also will benefit from time in the FMX, since they can use an AATD to log approaches with an instructor to maintain IFR currency, or to complete an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) if their currency has lapsed.

Garmin G1000 pilots who own or can access a G1000-equipped airplane will want to take advantage of the FMX's optional G1000 panel. Pilots seeking an instrument rating can train on a glass cockpit. Other pilots may want to learn more about the G1000 layout in a dynamic flight environment.

Pricing & scheduling

Feel free to contact one of our flight instructors, call our dispatch desk, or email info@willametteair.com to reserve time in the Redbird FMX!